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Uttarakhand is situated in the north of India.  Uttarakhand is one of the most demanding places for visit in India and also attract the Indian as well as foreigner tourist throughout the year.  The place is also ideal for adventure sports, besides nature and religion.

It is the center of attraction for the tourist always.  So if you are feeling monotony with your daily life routine or want to go away from the hustle-bustle of city life, pack your bag and go to Uttarakhand to spice up your life.

Wildlife safari:   Take a visit to Corbett, it is situated in Nainital. Corbett is known for the shelter of the endangered Bengal tigers. Apart from Bengal tigers, other wild residents of this park are Asiatic elephants, Himalayan black bears, Indian grey mongoose and about 600 species of avifauna.

Go for Adventure:  Rishikesh in Uttarakhand is best for adventure lovers as its hilly terrains and dense forests present a perfect topography for thrilling adventures like trekking, rafting, paragliding, skiing, white-water rafting, mountaineering, etc. If it is about adventuring in furious waters or at the soaring peaks, adventure tours in Uttarakhand give you an ultimate experience of adrenaline pump. Nowadays, bungee jumping, zip flying, and cable car rides have become the new rage among the thrill-seekers.

Camping: If you seek a pleasant stay in the lap of nature, then camping in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand is the best option to go for. Camp in the foothills of the snowy Himalayas provides a great opportunity to enjoy the calmness and wilderness of nature. With its fantastic range of campsites, this place makes you forget the humdrum of city life.

Feel some peace: Uttarakhand is known as a land of God or Devboomi.  It looks like God himself has created this place. Ranikhet, a land of flower, beautiful snow-covered mountain and when the ray of the sun moves across these valleys, you cannot imagine its beauty and tranquility without going there.  The crippling of birds, cool soothing air, lush green mountains and valleys, the sound of bells from temples would fill your mind and heart with serenity.

Best for luxury stay:  Take an Experience of a luxurious life while roaming in Uttarakhand.  You can stay here in luxurious hotels or lodge which are complete with all amenities and beautiful infrastructure. They tend to care for your comfort only and make your journey memorable. They provide all the services from food to the laundry with indoor and outdoor activities. Here the name of best 4 hotels in Uttarakhand to stay:

1.      Windsor Lodge, Ranikhet

2.       Namah , Nainital

3.       Rokeby Manor, Mussoorie

The reasons why everybody is obsessed with Uttarakhand right now, and joining Windsor Lodge Ranikhet

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Uttarakhand is a land of natural beauty and serene spirituality. There is the availability of numerous experiences ranging from water sports to the ashrams where you can connect with your inner self.

Uttarakhand is the simply heaven on earth. Many Hindu temples and pilgrimage are situated here so it is known as the Dev bhumi or Land of the Gods.

Uttarakhand has a big bag of adventures for tourists who are daring to face heights of the Himalayas, crazy to sail on the snow, and keen to explore. With some magnificent places to visit in Uttarakhand, there are many reasons to obsess with it.

1)   If one wants to take pleasure in nature, experience fresh air, drink the mineral water from the Himalayas, and then Dhanaulti is the right place to be.

2) There is an amazing valley full of flowers. The 'Valley of Flowers' is serene and just out of the world.

3) Jim Corbett National Park is the perfect getaway from everyday life. There is more wildlife here ahead of you to be explored.

4) Naini Lake, Nainital is a lake with mountains on both sides through which you can take a boat ride, roam the lake amidst nature's charm.

5) The holy city of Haridwar, The evening pooja at Har Ki Paukri is a sight worth seeing.

6) Roopkund located in the Chamoli District, It makes for a beautiful trek as well.

7) Enjoy a ride on the ropeway which takes you to snow view point in Nainital. You will get panoramic views of the beautiful city and the mountain tops from the height of ropeway.

8) If you want to experience lavish and comfortable stay visit Windsor lodge in Ranikhet. This place will leave you breathless. The lodge is adorned with period furniture and artefacts, the refurbishment restored its vibrant antiquity, retrieved timber and wood work. Years may have passed by but the legacy of this place has never been changed.

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