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Ranikhet is the beautiful hill station in the Almora District of the Uttrakhand state. It lies at the elevation of 1829m above sea level. The climate remains moderate in summer and becomes very cold in winter. The best time to visit in Ranikhet is from March to October. If you want to enjoy the snowfall then December is the best month to visit Ranikhet.

There are so many places to visit in Ranikhet. Some of them are:

·         Jhula Devi Temple: This temple is located at a distance of 7 km from Ranikhet. A very interesting story is behind the construction and origin of the name of the temple. One day, Goddess Durga came in the dream of Shepherd and told him about the idol of Goddess Durga under the ground and also told him to make a temple over there and start praying, after that animal will not trouble the villagers. Again she came into the dream of that person and told him that she wanted to sit on a jhula. The villagers did the same. This is how the temple named as Jhula Devi Temple.

·         Golf Course: It is located at a distance of 5 km from Ranikhet. It is one of Asia’s highest golf courses. The main attraction is that it is a 9-hole course at such a high altitude.

·         KRC Museum: This museum has a large collection of memories and heroics of World War I, the various weapons, flags of enemies captured by the Indian Army. It displays the involvement of the Kumaon Regiment in the World war, Indo-China war, Indo-Pak war, Kargil and operation Pawan. This museum is well maintained by the Naga Regiment and the Kumaon Regiment of the Indian Army.

·         Chaubatia Gardens: It is located at a distance of 10 km from Ranikhet. This place is known for the plantation of apricots, peaches, chestnuts, and almonds. This place is famous for apple orchards. It offers the amazing view of Himalayan ranges with a large variety of Himalayan flora.

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Five Attractions That Make You Visit Ranikhet, Windsor Lodge Ranikhet

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Ranikhet is one of the most visited tourist spots in India with many eye-catching sights seen. Many national and international tourists visit every year in Ranikhet, They adore the beauty of Ranikhet.

Ranikhet densely forested with cedar, pine, rhododendron and oak trees are dotted with colonial bungalows engulfed by large and beautiful gardens.

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Five attractions of Ranikhet, which make you, visit Ranikhet:

HaidaKhan Temple

 The Haidakhan Temple is adorned at Chidianuala Ranikhet.  Not so far just 3 to 4 km from Queen Meadow. An auspicious temple and ashram have a big religious value for the devotees. It is famous for lots of stories of Babaji.

Jhuladevi Temple

Jhula Devi the temple is 8th-century temple located at a distance of 7 km from Ranikhet near Chaubatia. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga and it is an attraction of Ranikhet.

Bhalu Dam

The Bhalu The dam is an artificial lake (reservoir) located in the preserved forest area located about 3 km from Chaubatia and 11km from Ranikhet. This dam was constructed by the viceroy in 1903.


Majkhali is an awesome viewpoint of Ranikhet if you want to see the breathtaking view of Himalaya.  Your choice should be the snow-capped it is like a dream, so beautiful and so refreshing.

Katarmal Sun temple

It is a popular Sun temple. It is situated 25 km far from Ranikhet. It is a paradigm of awesome architecture.

These are not the end of the list; there are many Best Places to visit in Uttarakhand and also many other gorgeous places in Ranikhet. 

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