Top River Rafting Place in Uttarakhand Covered by Windsor Lodge Ranikhet

2019-09-10 09:35:04

River Rafting, the high-adrenaline sports of exploring a river in an inflatable raft, includes a few levels of obscurity, contingent upon how uneven the river is. These 'grades' of obscurity are arrived at according to the presence of rapids, which advance because of rapid force in the river’s stature, and furthermore on the addition of rocks – small or huge. The experience is adored by thousands from everywhere throughout the world and has quickly climbed the ladder of popularity and ubiquity among the adventure lovers.

River rafting in India holds a strong credit in making India an adventure sports hub where the state of Uttarakhand has played an essential role. Uttarakhand endorses the adventure sports of River rafting in a major manner as it is home to various destinations of it. If you visit Ranikhet for river rafting and search nice property in Ranikhet for a better stay, visit Windsor Lodge.

Grades of River Rafting:

·        Grade 1: The easiest one and ideal for the beginners

·        Grade 2: Moderate one and ideal for the novice rafters

·        Grade 3: It requires better skills and techniques

·        Grade 4: Ideal for the professionals only

·        Grade 5: The hardest only for the experienced and trained experts

5 River Rafting Spots in Uttarakhand:

 River Ganges, Rishikesh:

·        Grade of rafting:  Grade 1

·        Distance covered: Approx 26 Kms

·        Best time to go: Late October to March

Tons River, Uttarakhand:

·        Grade of rafting: Grade 3 and 4

·        Distance covered: Approx 10 Kms

·        Best time to go: October and November

River Kali, Kumaon:

·        Grade of rafting: Grade 4 and 5

·        Best time to go: March, April, and October

River Kali, Pithoragarh:

·        Grade of rafting: Grade 3 and above

·        Distance covered: Approx 20 Kms

·        Best time to go: March to June, September to October

River Kosi, Ranikhet:

·        Grade of rafting: Grade 1 and 2

·        Distance covered: Approx 20 Kms

·        Best time to go: March to May

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The Lesser Known / Unexplored Destinations Binsar wildlife sanctuary from Windsor Lodge Ranikhet

2019-09-07 11:54:50

Binsar wildlife sanctuary is very famous for its flora & fauna. Binsar is also very famous for sunset and sunrise views. The Binsar wildlife sanctuary is situated in the lap of Kumauni hills in the Himalayas on the top of Jhandi Dhar, which is located 33 km north of Almora in Uttarakhand.  It is 66 km away from Ranikhet. Stay at Windsor lodge at Ranikhet and make your journey comfortable.  It is a nice property in Ranikhet. By road, it takes 2 hours only to reach at Binsar wildlife sanctuary form Windsor lodge. Many Himalayan peaks are visible from Binsar including Kedarnath peak, Binsar wildlife sanctuary's total covered area is 47.04 sq. Km


Binsar wildlife sanctuary has dense forest covered with a variety of trees, even many people call it the second valley of the flower Swhen red flowers are blooming in the month of March. Binsar sanctuary is covered with oak trees at the higher altitudes and pine tree forests in lower altitudes. From the benedictory hills, beautiful orchards, mumbling streams to the enchanting meadows one can forget everything at binsar.

The Binsar wildlife sanctuary serves as a habitat for the rare animals, birds and flower species. Since the place is wrapped up in thick flora. Binsar wildlife sanctuary is a famous place for bird watchers and one can watch plenty of birds and animals during trekking in the forest.

It is here that you can admire the variety of playful birds.  Binsar wildlife sanctuary is the best place for experiencing adventurous hiking, camping and nature walk.

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