Your Hamlet In The Hills At Daan-Khudi Camp, at Windsor Lodge Ranikhet

2019-09-07 11:53:42

The hill station of Ranikhet is one of the most scenic places in Uttarakhand. It is also famous for its apple orchards and many other fruit gardens.

This hilltop heritage house is called Daan-Kudhi, the highest lodging in the valley. Daan – Kudi, the mythical village house are near Ranikhet. The base is a traditional stone of the Daan-kudi . Stay in full view of the valley is a great experience, with a small stream flowing through the valley; the house is surrounded by rolling green hills all around. In the centre of the valley is the only sun temple in the Himalayas.

Here you can learn to Paraglide, ride mountain bikes, go on short and long hikes to explore hidden architectural wonders or simply soak in the sun in the mango courtyard of the 100 year old house which grows on you. The open grounds and the courtyards stands above the hills are providing amusing views of the hills, forests, and meadows. 

This place is ideal for those who want to get away from the noise and the crowds and steep themselves in laidback activities and local culture. You can go cycling along the winding paths of the valley, explore the narrow trails around, try your hand at organic farming, go on a night hike, or if you're in the mood for something more active, go paragliding. For those who love nature, you can go leopard tracking and bird watching. Every evening, you'll return to this sturdy stone-hewn house, with wood carvings and traditional paintings, and warm yourself by a bonfire. And in the mornings, you'll awake under a patchwork quilt, with wide open windows gazing out upon gorgeous mountain views.

Ranikhet and the Mountains calling....... Windsor Lodge Ranikhet welcome you for beautiful experience.

2019-09-07 11:52:23

The hill station of Ranikhet is located in the Almora of Uttarakhand. The hill station Ranikhet, literally meaning is - Queen Land. Ranikhet is the Best Place to visit in Uttarakhand. No one can explain the verdant beauty of Ranikhet, it is beyond words. The amidst rich delicate plant life and forest, experience the breath of freshness. Ranikhet is a place related to the legends of Himalayas.
It's know for its view of Himalayas. Beautiful views of the Himalayas,rice flora and fauna, all add to the beauty of this hill station. A perfect place to revive in the lap of nature and the exciting views make it an ideal holiday spot.

Mountain calling........
Mountains have some special magic to them. The mountains have a lot of adventures. You can enjoy trekking, mountaineering, climbing, etc. Many beautiful places become hotspots for people and the protection of them is the single best step to let everyone enjoy these places. You might find that all the problems in your life dissolve when you are around them or that life slows down a bit. After spending time surrounded by mountains or climbing them you will feel the urge to come back.

Ranikhet hotels and lodge are also attracting tourist. The Windsor Lodge Ranikhet is one of the Best hotels in Ranikhet. It is nice property in Ranikhet. Also on offer are the Penthouse Suite and a variety of deluxe rooms. If you want to stay long or those proffering to experience village life, it offers Rose Cottage, an independent house comprising of four one - bedroom serviced with access to all facilities and delicious food.

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