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6 Reasons why Ranikhet in Uttarakhand is a perfect offbeat summer escape?

Ranikhet, a charming hill station in Uttarakhand, is the ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful summer escape. With its serene landscapes, pleasant climate, and rich history, it offers an experience that’s both refreshing and memorable. Here are six reasons why Ranikhet is the perfect offbeat summer getaway:

1. Tranquil Environment

Unlike the crowded tourist spots, Ranikhet remains relatively untouched, offering a tranquil environment that’s perfect for relaxation. The town is surrounded by lush green forests, rolling hills, and beautiful meadows. Whether you’re looking to meditate amidst nature or take leisurely strolls, Ranikhet’s peaceful surroundings provide a much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.

2. Pleasant Climate

Ranikhet’s weather is another reason it’s a great summer escape. The town enjoys a mild and pleasant climate, with temperatures ranging between 15°C to 25°C during summer. This cool weather makes it an ideal destination for those looking to escape the scorching heat of the plains. The refreshing breeze and occasional light showers add to the charm, making it perfect for outdoor activities.

3. Historical Significance

Ranikhet is steeped in history, which is evident from its colonial-era buildings and temples. The town was once a favourite summer retreat for British officers. One such historic place to stay is the Windsor Lodge Ranikhet, a heritage property that offers a unique blend of colonial charm and modern comforts. Staying here not only provides a luxurious experience but also a glimpse into the town’s rich past.

4. Scenic Beauty

The scenic beauty of Ranikhet is simply breathtaking. From stunning views of the snow-capped Himalayas to picturesque valleys, the town offers plenty of opportunities for nature lovers and photographers. Chaubatia Gardens, famous for its apple orchards, is one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand. The gardens are a treat to the eyes with their well-manicured landscapes and variety of fruits and flowers.

5. Adventure Activities

For adventure enthusiasts, Ranikhet has plenty to offer. The town is an excellent base for trekking, with several trails leading to nearby peaks and forests. Golf lovers can enjoy a game at the Upat Golf Course, one of the highest golf courses in Asia. Additionally, you can engage in activities like paragliding, rock climbing, and camping, making your trip both thrilling and unforgettable.

6. Rich Flora and Fauna

Ranikhet is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. The forests around the town are rich with pine, oak, and deodar trees. These forests are also a haven for bird watchers, as they host a variety of bird species. Wildlife enthusiasts can spot animals like leopards, mountain goats, and barking deer. The region’s biodiversity is a major draw for nature lovers and those interested in wildlife photography.


Ranikhet, with its serene environment, pleasant climate, rich history, and adventure opportunities, is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand for an offbeat summer escape. Whether you’re staying at the historic Windsor Lodge Ranikhet or exploring the natural beauty of the region, you’re sure to have a memorable experience. So pack your bags and get ready to discover the hidden gem of Uttarakhand this summer!

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